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The Dawn of Limcat

????????????????????????????????????????The Dawn of Limcat Part I is nearing completion.  This is my first entry into the Sword and Sorcery/Heroic Fantasy realm.  It will be novella (parts I & II) length.  I hope to have The Dawn of Limcat Parts I & II serialized in a small press magazine, then have the whole story available as a e-book download.  Check out the preview on this site.


Awesome New Book/Story Covers!

Check out these new awesome book/story covers. Many thanks to Tatiana at Vila Design.

Abode of The Dammed

Now available on Amazon Kindle

The last thing Cole Sunger remembers is the trap door creaking open beneath his feet on the gallows of Arkwood Penitentiary. Now, Cole is awake – aware – in a frighteningly dark realm populated by demonic creatures. Utterly bewildered by his dark supernatural locale, Cole allies himself with two other damned souls, Clancy and Lucy and soon learns he has arrived in Hell amidst a demon uprising.

Cole’s only chance of escape is to reach a portal hidden within a cave in the Black Mountains – a portal that will lead him and his companions into the safety of another dimension.

Now available in the Amazon Kindle store and on Smashwords and the ebook stores it distributes to e.g. Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.

“Matt Cole’s prose is vividly poetic.  The dark has never been so tantalizing.”